Procedure for meetings from the Legions Handbook


According to the double goal of self-sanctification and apostolate the activity of the Legion executed on it, the members through prayer and instruction in sacredness and at the same time to do external works to evangelise their fellow man.


Weekly Meetings

The heart of all Legion work is the weekly meeting of the Presidium (the smallest working group). This meeting is happening all over the world in the same way.

The Praesidia normally meet weekly; larger entities normally monthly or more rarely.

Altar Of the Legion

For all sessions, the Altar of the Legion is set up. It has a statue of the Virgin Mary (represented standing on a globe, her arms extended, crushing the serpent with her foot), which is placed on a white tablecloth, which has "Legio Mariae" written on it. On the two sides of the statue are placed two vases with flowers, often roses (the flower connected with Mary). On the front ends of the cloth are two candlesticks with burning candles. On the right side of Mary, the vexillum Legionis (the standard of the legion) is placed. It is made out of metal and onyx and shows the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove as well as the Miraculous Medal.


The meeting follows this structure:

During meetings, all the prayers of the Tessera are said

1)  The Holy Spirit is first invoked andfive decades of the rosary prayed.

2)  Reading is given by the Spiritual Director which is mostly taken from the manual of the Legion.

3)  Some business communications, and members briefly report of their fulfilled tasks assigned to them at the previous session. These reports are of great importance as it shows the activity of the group and a oppurtunity to learn from each other . Individual members also have the opportunity to practice different virtues (Overcoming timidity, vanity, the temptation to Whitewashing etc.).

4)  Discuss and/or read a chapter from the Handbook of the Legion.

5)  Catena Legionis is prayed, and the Spiritual Director or, if absent, the President holds a short sermon about spiritual matters (allocutio).

6)  New tasks for the legionaries are distributed

7)  Meeting ends with the concluding prayers of the Tessera and a prayer for Duff's beatification.

7)The work reports are continued and finally the Work distribution made for the next week. Two members each get a task. The meeting, which should last no longer than one and a half hours, closes with prayer: "Grant, O Lord, all of us, whom we under the banner of Mary......serve, the faith in you and the trust in them in that fullness, that it given to conquer the world ... "


Each Legion  must do apostolic work and are need to devote approximately two hours to this activity every week.The spiritual exercises are not enough to fulfil the work obligation.


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